Wellness: The Tool To Work-Life Balance

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Wellness: The Tool To Work-Life Balance

We know that ‘Wellness’ is something we all need to address as individuals. It will allow us to live healthier, be fitter, ward of disease, cope better, and bounce back quickly should we suffer health setbacks. That there are different aspects contributing to this term – varyingly inclusive of physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, social, financial – is also being gradually recognized.

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The dictionary defines ‘Wellness” as a noun:

  1. The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
  2. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

How about viewing Wellness as a verb, the pursuit, and practice of which serves as a master key opening many locks? As a ‘life tool’ which facilitates pursuing choices that allow one to live and enjoy a fuller life? As something that can chip away at friction, self-imposed restrictions, and encumbrances allowing greater, fearless explorations? Health is a primary subset of wellness. However, good health (hence, wellness) is not simply the absence of illness. It’s more because we are so much more and we want so much from life.

We know and are repeatedly told, that lifestyle choices impact our wellness. Have you thought about whether the reverse is also true? Whether consciously/unconsciously the state of our wellness colours our thoughts and lifestyle choices – work, recreational, and our work-life balance? The relationship between wellness and lifestyle choices isn’t so linear, as may appear.

Sharing a few observations where health subconsciously influences life choices. Hopefully, it makes you contemplate and assess your own state and the choices that flow:

  • We all know the benefits of outdoor activities for our physical and mental wellness. Yet, many people often choose sedentary options, including holiday selections, because even if they want, deep down they know their bodies aren’t capable of coping with the basic demands of outdoor pursuits. If the body isn’t capable, the mind may not always be willing. So many adventures and experiences may not present as desirable choices. Pity! A missing out. Many pristine and beautiful spots aren’t found anywhere close to cities or hotel lounge chairs. Nature’s bountiful treasures can require some work to discover and savour.
  • Our present state of being impacts our current and future choices, including the type of work, along with ability. Physical discomfort, pain, disease, all wear the mind down eventually along with the body. On occasions, I have heard people say they gave up, changed, or selected roles based on their physical (in)ability to cope. Evidently, ‘Wellness’ has the power to influence work choices.
  • Children (and their parents) often convince themselves that they aren’t ‘cut out’ for physical activity/sports. Look deeper and you realize the roots of this judgement and justification stem from their current state of health and lack of stamina. The effort of shifting gears to a more active state naturally entails some initial discomfort, and it may be easy to give up at the first instance. The cycle perpetuates, inactivity grows and the mind eventually feels intimidated by the quantum of change required. 

These, and similar instances from one’s life and lives of those around are driven, in reality, by the state of physical abilities and state of wellness, no matter other reasons one may choose to convince oneself of. ‘Wellness’ can be as much a cause as effect, isn’t it? Either way, there is a fundamental reason to keep working at it – building our freedom and power of making choices in life and enabling wider experiences.


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Vani B. Pahwa is Health & Wellness Evangelist, and Founder, Body In Motion, who specializes in Functional-Fitness, and Cancer Exercise & Rehabilitation. With almost 2 decades of experience, and certifications from leading internationally-accredited and globally-recognized fitness institutions, Vani is the leading Wellness Expert for Multinational Corporations and is a recognized Speaker and Coach. An Indian Classical Dancer, Vani encompasses her learnings from dance to everyday movement making “exercise and training for life, not just events.” To know more about Vani and her premium wellness services, visit


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