Wellness Apps VS. Wellness Coach

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Wellness Apps VS. Wellness Coach

COVID-19, with its social distancing mandate, is teaching the world a whole new way of living and working. The work-from-home ‘new normal’ is teaching us to adapt to newer ways of getting things done, connecting with multiple people across the globe, right from the confines from our homes. Technology is being put to greater use to allow ‘live’ interactions across geographical boundaries. Even as we grapple with trying to cope and overcome the multifarious challenges thrown up by the pandemic, the future is going to be a different one, no doubt.

The Wellness Industry, too, has moved rapidly to adapt to this new way of working, with an increasing surge in online coaching and wellness/fitness apps. Not just personal, but Corporate Wellness too has seen traction in online initiatives, given the current global reality. While abundant availability and easy access to online programs and apps offering wellness products and services (including measuring and diagnostic tools) have increased options it could get confusing to decide when to use app-based sessions and when to seek the expertise of a coach (online and offline).

Understanding how the two work and understanding your own need could help make the decision easier. Here are just some of the pointers that will assist.

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Many coaches have embraced technology and apps for cutting-edge management and delivery and many apps are onboarding trainers and coaches to compete with their range of offerings. However, it’s up to you to decide what works better for you and how. Self-evaluation might help you find the right mix.


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