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Victory is a sweet poison

Victory is a sweet poison. The fact that the world has assigned it just three colours – gold, silver and bronze- doesn’t negate the rainbow from which these emerge to overshadow the underlying palette.
“Age is just a number”. Not sure if this expression, portrays in totality what age brings with it. It definitely has numbers on its side (life span). But with those numbers comes something that only age, of a life lived with heart on the sleeves, can impart.
Travelling thorough time – quite literally, especially with all recent advancements in training methodologies, protocols and approach.
Adjusting to changing mindsets – easing into modern ones while balancing points of variance with older ones and retaining gold standards of true sportsmanship in the end. Drawing up and adopting the right set of Venn diagrams that address drive, attitude and behaviour (on and off the field) usually becomes more refined with age. You’ve been in the barrel longer so hopefully it’s good wine with wholesome body emerging.

Dealing with victory and defeat – Age has a tempering quality. Generally when you’ve lived with yourself and your sport longer, you develop a more wholesome relation. Time is of essence – but now in more ways than one. Youth is not be on your side. You are aware of this. Maybe this brings a different grace and approach to performance. Victory is still the target, but it means a whole lot more, in more ways than one. Defeat may not leave you as defeated.
Isn’t that beautiful?! What can be more inspiring and full of life lessons? And if this doesn’t teach you anything or move you to chase your dreams, something is wrong …..


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