I have known Vani since my time at Reebok. We at Reebok were in the midst of changing the brand positioning from that of a sports brand to a fitness brand. For this, we were forging an alliance with key opinion leaders in the fitness industry who not only would become our voice in the community but also act as product tester & feedback giver. I met Vani before a major international run expo as I was on a lookout for a fitness professional who not only had a great understanding of GAIT but human anatomy overall so we could help fitness aspirants coming to these races to identify their problems & offer them a solution. What impressed me in that meeting about Vani was her calm demeanour & clarity of thoughts. What left me awestruck was her ability to translate the complex anatomy mumbo-jumbo into a language that even a layman like me could grasp at the first attempt. We went on to do multiple events across India over the next couple of years & this is what stands out about her: 1) Professionalism- She would be the first one to reach for events & the last one to leave, only after she has tended to everyone. 2) Passion- Very seldom you come across someone who is so passionate & in love with their work. She is like a mad scientist at work who would not keep track of the time & would just go on & on. 3) Integrity- Honesty could very well be her middle name. If we did not have a product in our range that would meet our customer’s requirement after his GAIT/fitness analysis, Vani would simply ask the person to look at a different brand. Some might call it bad for the business, I call it best for the brand. Things like this is what makes people love a brand. One thing I know for a fact, there is nothing Vani cannot achieve that she puts her heart to.

Priyanshu Pande

All things business, brand & sports!

” I came in contact with Vani during a workshop which she conducted on Foot and Gait movement patterns and exercises to correct imbalances. Vani’s foot and gait analysis is very beneficial for all age groups and individuals because it looks at the body dynamics holistically in comparison to automatic one’s which do not consider or evaluate clients lifestyle and other parameters. I was very impressed with her knowledge, her way of communicating, the concepts and understanding each body type and working with clients. She is a very compassionate, intelligent trainer I would highly recommend her as a specialist to consults and gain true control of your posture and live a healthy life free of pains. “

Shamik Tiwari

Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix

” I have known Vani since my early days of running. I consulted her for my foot & gait analysis and was amazed with the level of detailing done by her. Her deep knowledge and expertise helped me to understand my body anatomy in a better way. Keeping my focus on her suggestions, I have been able to continue with my running without any injuries. She is extremely passionate about her work and continuously strives to improve and achieve more. She is a multi-talented personality with an amazing sense of humor. I am extremely happy to recommend Vani as a health coach and a fitness specialist. I am confident that her knowledge and guidance would make people healthier. I wish her all the success in life. “

Anubhav Guglani

Head – India Region, Schrack Seconet AG

” There are Trainers galore who speak of fitness, who ask you to become a more ‘fit’ version of yourself and who start the journey with you but, perhaps give up on you along the way. Then there are those who get you started and keep you firmly on track with a sharp eye, motivating you even months later, and who relate their personal success with yours. Vani Bhalla Pahwa is one such expert. I only regret that I didn’t approach her earlier enough; had I done so, my fitness journey would have been a much less stressful one. 7 years after having my child, after trying nearly all forms of exercise (Swimming, Jogging, etc.), I had lost nearly all hope of becoming fit, until Vani crafted and put me on a regimen which got me started on my fitness journey, yet again. This time around though, for the first time in years, I saw positive changes in both my physical and mental fitness. A dose of success would bring with it a sense of pride and confidence which, thanks to Vani’s unwavering eye and focus on my end goal, she never let it get to my head. It has been a year and a half now, and I have made it halfway through my journey of weight loss, and I give full credit of my success to Vani, because she did not let me get either tired, withered or defeated, and the positivity of her thoughts which flowed into her communication would (and still does!) keeps me going. Only a few trainers can teach you to be comfortable with yourself while pushing you to become the best version of yourself that you can be, and I can’t thank Vani enough for that! “

Shivali Bhalla

Corporate Vice President at Max Life Insurance Company Limited

” Energetic and broad-minded Functional Fitness Specialist – that’s her! Vani is one of the greatest among all people in Fitness & Wellness industry I’ve ever dealt with. She thinks on the cutting edge of Healing, Wellness, Fitness. Vani is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. She is always capable of understanding the need of the situation and always surprise clients with best results. Very positive attitude towards work. She is a dear friend now. I learnt many good things about fitness from her which i am using in my daily life. Vani is one stop solution for any need of Wellness and Rehabilitation. I must say that she is an asset to Whole Fitness Community! Besides Fitness she always share good information about beautiful places to visit from her experience. She loves seeking and exploring new life experiences, especially in the great outdoors, with zest and passion. “

Gaurav Pranshu Garg

Product Strategy & Development Head – Advance Electronics Domain at CREAT UNO MINDA

She has a plethora of insight and experience in her specialized disciplines. The zeal and depth with which she helps sports people, athletes, and runners, along with the general population, is worth giving a serious glance. She has a deep sense of purpose in finding enabling solutions for people with challenging health conditions, and she is one of the finest Rehab and Cancer Exercise Specialists in India. Hereby, I do not hesitate to propose her name to my corporate clients for any corporate wellness program for their employees since she is the pro in this industry. I wish her the best of health, wealth, and happiness.

Dr.Deepankar (Ergonomist)

Workplace Posture Expert | Author #1 Bestseller | Human Factor Specialist

” There can be no bigger votary of the movement-of-the-body-and-stillness-of-the-mind philosophy than Vani Bhalla Pahwa. I came away from her studio after my first interaction with her back in 2017 with the feeling that she was well-versed with her subject, functional fitness and rehabilitation therapy. In the three years of knowing her, I have found her most approachable and with a willingness to share her thoughts without hesitation. She is receptive to ideas and eager to implement them when she sees value. The good thing about her is her humility that is natural and easy to relate to. As a communicator, she embraces the simplest of styles so that she is understood by most. She is not the in-your-face sort of motivator, seeking to grow a larger clientele than she already has through increased online presence, but that doesn’t mean she is unaware of the reach of social media. It is such an approach that is endearing in times when the world can get a range of advice on fitness and physical well-being. From the distance, it is clear that her passion for classical dance, Mohiniattam to be precise, has lent her the ability to empathise with others. That enables her to customise solutions for each of them. A consummate professional, she is a very intense, articulate and efficient advocate of movement that the human body is designed for. “

Rajaraman G

Sports Communication Professional; Freelance Journalist.

” I have known Vani for almost six years now. For me, Vani symbolizes a classic convergence of passion and profession. She is extremely well-informed and knowledgeable about her field and makes a conscious effort to continually invest in upskilling herself (through trainings, certifications). I can never thank Vani enough for the way she helped me recover from an ankle injury that I had developed during SCMM 2016. I had twisted my ankle at around 12km mark and had managed to somehow complete the 42.2 km run with a lot of pain. Post the run, my foot condition was bad and I thought it would take me several weeks to get back to running. That is the first time I had approached Vani for a professional recovery advice. I was fascinated with the simple yet detailed diagnostic that Vani had conducted to ascertain the cause of injury. She had then suggested a variety of recovery tips and exercises that I have been following religiously ever since (Vani – you might be surprised, but I still refer to the recovery tips you had documented for me!) and thankfully I have never had any issue with my gait, landing style or any kind of running injury ever since. I recently completed a personal milestone of finishing 100 HMs in 100 days without any injury and I can proudly say that the learnings I acquired from Vani played a huge part in helping me accomplish this 100-day-100 HMs mini-milestone injury free. Three cheers to all those who have had the privilege of interacting with and learning from this extremely versatile and dynamic personality – the One and Only Vani Pahwa! “

Sundeep Singh

Principal Director (Strategy)

” I have been associated with Vani for long. Today I m running and I am able to foresee any injury etc is all because of the sessions I had with Vani initially when I was getting into serious running ,wherein she clearly pointed out my areas of concern and also gave me those workouts which I even now do to strengthen my weak areas and avoid injuries . I strongly recommend her for people who want to be injury free runner and if you are unfortunately injured already she is the right person to get you back stronger. “

Rajesh Udaykumar

Head Sales , SAARC & OCEANIA

” I know Vani for the last 6+ years. Both of us ran together with the same group. Her knowledge and expertise on all matters relating to running or any other fitness is remarkable. Her precise analysis and to be point explanation makes the interaction enjoyable. Her knowledge on all subjects is extremely good. Her ability to relate to the larger aspects of life helped me see things in the right perspective. “

Elango Thambiah

Entrepreneur and Business Leader

I have known Vani for quite sometime now. Though the LinkedIn drop down showed very limited options on how I know her, selected the best one but ideally it should have been, Vani & I mentored each other. Vani & I used to run together & then I mentored her running for sometime. Just from work perspective & out of the many areas of expertise of Vani's, her qualification as a rehab specialist & someone who was a specialist in Gait analysis came in handy for us. She was the go-to person for all the runners in the community & one of the only few based out of Gurgaon. Her knowledge in the subject is second to none & the ease with which she would analyse her clients & give the best recommendation on the kind of foot landing. pronation issues & what shoes should an individual wear helped a lot of runners lead an injury free running journey. Vani is hugely respected in the fitness community of Gurgaon & I have invited her for giving talks on fitness / health in a few places in the past & she has left a lasting impression every time. Here's wishing Vani the best in all she intends to do in the future.

Asheem Tapadia

Founder of two unique food brands – Irtaza, The Curry Affair & ChaiBaaz

” Vani is a delight both as a human being and a professional. She is extremely passionate and honest about her work. This level of passion is rare. “Honesty” as a value is core to her work and means a lot in a client relationship. I won’t really bother to talk about her knowledge in her area of expertise as that is par excellence and she seeks perfection and nothing less. What’s amazing is how she genuinely cares about each individual she works with and that is not reserved for big clients only. There is a lot of depth in her work and simplicity with which she delivers. She is and will always be my Go TO on fitness. Her attitude and spirit in life is contagious and hence its a pleasure to have her around always. Wish her nothing but the best in life!!!! “

Neha Batra

General Manager – Business HR (Sales & Technology) at CEAT Limited and D&I Secretariat RPG Group

” Now that is a real tough task especially when i have to write for someone that I so look-up to, and in so many ways. She has irrepressible optimism and the attitude to find good in everything, and she spreads the same positive energy and wisdom all around. She is also an ocean of knowledge, and epitome of craft. I address her as “Maam” for the immense respect i have for a senior professional who continuously raises the bar for her own self in everything that she does. I can’t particularly say if she is a better Health Coach, or a writer, or an artist, or a human being, because she does everything to perfection.
So glad to have her around and to know her the little bit that I know.
I wish her all the best in everything that she desires to do. “

Manik Dhodi MRICS


” Got an opportunity to partner with vani for an assignment our company.. it was an absolute pleasure to work with her . very professional and a subject matter expert.. she was able to connect with participants and was able to provide them with insights which helped them. her sessions were very impactful . thank you . “

Garima Singh

Deputy General Manager at John Deere

” I had the opportunity to consult Vani on various occasions. Vani brings in deep knowledge, experience and expertise on Gait Analysis, rehab management. Inaddition to all this, Vani is also a cancer exercise specialist. Her ability to understand client specific problems and convert a systematic structured program for them is commendable. Vani is indeed a Multifaceted Professional with deep connection and passion for Mohiniyattam, A great artist and an exemplary Dancer. Wishing Vani all the very best. “

Suresh Srinivasan

Digital Consulting Services KPMG India

I have benefitted from Vani’s counsel as a Foot and Gait Analyst and Rehab Specialist. I approached her for a gait analysis early into my (then) new-found passion – running. Her insights and recommendations have helped me both improve my running efficiency and stay injury-free. Vani’s emphasis on things to do/avoid outside of the time actually spent running are just as relevant – whether guiding runners through warm-up and cool-down stretches, recovery (foam rolling etc.), the importance of clean nutrition or the primacy of rest as part of a balanced fitness program. Vani’s work ethic deserves a special mention. I was looking to replace my running shoe and requested her for a recommendation. She gave me parameters to look for when making a choice and displayed no vested interest in recommending one brand over another. Vani’s experience evidently comes from deep subject-matter expertise. I am confident that people will benefit from a fitter, healthier existence with her guidance.

Arun Unni

Group Controller – Microsoft India

” A good trainer is one who listens carefully, designs an appropriate exercise program and continuously tweaks it basis feedback from the client. Vani does all that and more !! Not only does she possess the skill and knowledge required by an all round fitness trainer, she continuously asks for feedback and is fully engaged in helping her client achieve their fitness goals. Her ability to work around ones limitations puts her in a different league of trainers in India. “

Sharda Bhalla

Country Head – OCP S.A

” I found Vani an extremely approachable person. She first understands what the issue is, thinks it through and comes up with solution to resolve health issues. I found her solutions to be practical and easily adaptable. She is very non judgmental and also gives well researched tips to work on ourselves. “

Shilpashree Jagannathan

Research Consultant – Collected Intelligence

” Vani is one of the most diligent and confident professionals I have worked with. Loaded with loads of gyaan, she is very clear in her thought process and vision for life. Superb motivator and an excellent trainer. “

Varun Malik

Brand Manager – Reebok

” Vani is an expert inspector with an in-depth knowledge coupled with great trainer qualities. One year of working out with Vani had really help me step up my fitness a notch higher. “

Nacy Agnihotri Khanna

Public Affairs & Communication – Promote DATRI ( India’s largest Blood Stem Cell Registry )

I consulted Vani when I had an extremely bad back sprain. In my visit, Vani spent time to understand the condition of my muscles, stretchability of various joints and patiently explained to me some exercises to help resolve the issue. I remember she helped me remember them by summarising them and when I still told her I am not sure if I will remember them, she sent me a detailed email explaining step by step each of the exercises she has asked me to do. They were so effective that within a week, my back was back to normal. I had a similar recurrence recently and because I had that email handy, I was able to self cure myself. I find Vani's understanding of the human body very impressive and really appreciate her articles on LinkedIn which are very well researched as well. Highly recommend her to anyone. Totally worth your time and money!

Naumrata Arora Singh

Founder – Life Beyond Motherhood

” In 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and was advised physiotherapy; that is when I started an exercise program under Vani, who had been recommended by a friend. Vani started with familiarising herself with my symptoms and the nature of my ailment, after which she put together an exercise program designed not just to tone up my muscles, but to activate my neural pathways and create new ones where required, focussing on the parts of my body most affected. Her training proved effective with visible results particularly in energising joints and limbs earlier incapable of movement. I enjoyed working with Vani, as each session was more of a team effort rather than a formal therapist – patient relationship, and she was always responsive to my inputs and observations, and quick to tweak the program as necessary. Unfortunately, after just a year I needed to leave the NCR and so could not continue the program. I wish her all success in future. “

Dev Ganesh

Business Leader – Honeywell Aerospace

” Fitness is perhaps the most loosely used term among fitness seekers. While I have actively pursued sports and involved in exercise routines, only after training under Vani, realised how a great trainer can influence & make one accomplish the holistic fitness. Vani’s knowledge of various disciplines of physical fitness and her ability to carve out customised programs for each individual, helps one interweave fitness to mental happiness and and connect with natural sources of energies. Her general awareness and ability to connect and communicate with every participant, makes it easier for one to learn and stay focused. Its always fun to work out with her, both in individual classes and in a group, not only in a studio but also outdoors. I wish her all the success for her “Body in Motion”, admire reading her regular blogs. To me, Vani is certainly the best and the most accomplished trainer I have come across.
best wishes always. “

Ashutosh Singh

Chief Strategy Officer – M1Xchange

” I found Vani very dedicated to her clients towards their workout needs. She customises the exercise routines as per the need of the client and carefully monitors their developmental journey. She helps clients to avoid any injuries and motivates them to achieve more. Its not just a workout but a lifestyle and thought process that she tries to encourage in her clients. I would like to recommend people to reach out to her and achieve the desired benefits. “

Suraj Chaudhry

Executive Coach

” Thanks to Vani – I understood what fitness really meant!!
From educating me on the right technique, correcting my posture and guiding me on the right eating habits – training with Vani has been one of the best experiences. I still follow all the advice and exercise rigour 🙂 Absolutely fabulous in her field of expertise. “

Sharan Khanna

Public Affairs Manager – Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd

I can’t even put a number on the years I have known you... but for all those years you have come across as one of the most caring, courageuous, perceptive, won’t take nonsense even for a minute and a decisive woman with and a go-getter attitude. Despite the various hurdles (known to me and other unknown to me, you don’t ever talk about them too much) you have risen above all, adapted yourself and achieved whatever you set your mind to. From being a classical dancer, to blogging, to being a rehab trainer, to being a corporate coach, to being an ace runner, to Mohiniyattam and now a Caner exercise specialist………you are a total inspiration!! Having personally trained with you for quite a few years, I am thankful and appreciative of the detailed understanding you have of each body type, body form and body functions. The slow and steady pace of exercise you promote converted me from a zero exercise person to one who feels a big void on missing exercise. It has become a way of life for me – a healthy life! As you said in one of your posts, “Of all the things I can be, I seek to be free. Free to reach out to life, with my hands thrown open reaching up to the sky, as much as with hands folded down on my knees “, you are every bit of this and more ! Lots of Love…

Shruti Bansal

” Vani is of course, an amazing trainer and fitness consultant. What remains possibly unseen, is a huge amount of empathy, depth of knowledge and willingness to help. I have been on expedition with her in remote Zanskar where she unhesitatingly jumped in to help with an emergency; sought help on an adventure challenge where she delivered emphatically as well. Vani embodies what she does, and represents a culture that is difficult to emulate without the skills she effortlessly shares. “

Vaibhav Kala

Founder – Aquaterra Adventures

” I must thank you for your guidance and valuable advice. I also remember what I read somewhere which I find apt to mention here. It says, “whenever you find a person who is thorough in his knowledge and details, look deeper, you will find a very good student and he remains so at whatever stage of life.” I would only add that you must have definitely been a very good student. “

Sachin Tyagi

Colonel – Indian Army

” Completed 10K and appreciate vani for the wonderful gait analysis “

Kapish Dokania

” Superb analysis by vani@ she suggested me how I can improve my running.. Hats off to her to meet u again n again “

Preeti Chaudhary

Visited get active expo of scmm 2017 on 7th alongwith my friend Dr Shahu Patil. We are welcome on Reebok shoe stall and Shahu is inclined to get foot analysis by Vani B Pahwa. Firstly I thought it might be a marketing glimmick, sheer waste of time. But within 5 min she analysed and the way she explained the analysis to Shahu, I was impressed and done my own foot analysis from her. She showed me the clear picture of my foot strike, suggest remedy and cross training. Vani is doing everybody's foot very passionately and having a mastery over the subject. She opened my eyes and now I firmly believe that to became better and injury free runner- Foot and Gait analysis is must.

Vandesh Wani

” Thanks a ton Vani for the insightful workshop in Noida. You sure shook us and busted a truckload of myths ! We’ve been doing those stretches wrong all along ! But hopefully we’re better informed now , will work on your tips. Hope to meet you more often. On behalf of all us , thanks again! “

Ashwin Bhatia

” Working out with u was not only exercising in right direction but also interesting as every time I visited u , it was a new work out plan for me. U focused n targeted my problem areas which no other instructor in any gym could do. In fact I had given up that I d ever loose those stub urn inches but I did with u . Thanks a lot I’d always love to work out with u. “

Rajni Khanna

” Thanks a ton Vani for the amazing session today.. Hats off to you for making us understand the concept of going Barefoot.. Looking forward to many more such sessions to come “

Praveen Gugnani

” The trigger point release did wonders today . I still am trying to believe that the pain settled without alprex . And that too in one day “

Richa Sahni

My daughter Ekta, wife Kusum and myself met Vani at the Mirchi Get Active Expo in Bangalore. We spent a lot of time with her to understand on how to improve our Running and Fitness Level. She has a very simplistic way of analysing, which we believe will help us meet both our Fitness and Wellness Goals. We are thankful to her for spending her valuable time with us.

Sunil V Raheja

” Ok so I wana share a success story – my mom has been struggling with her ‘Indian figure’ since the birth of her kids …( yes blames us till date ) so I introduced her to the ‘vani way of life ‘ and with just the daily loses she has managed a decent 3 inch loss on the hips ….. Vani I’m warning u – were in for life ! Ha ha “

Saaransh Khanna

” The short foot exercises under vani Pahwa guidance have really helped my stability. Am able to distribute my weight properly on my entire feet. Earlier it was centered on my toes. I can feel the strengthening and engagement of pelvic and core muscles . It has helped relieve the pressure from my spine and knees and has massively improved my posture “

Richa Sahni

” What an amazing class on yoga today really enjoyed it ….ur the best , I so recommend any fitness enthusiast to experience a session with u……. “

Reena Sharma

” Vani is extremely professional and an expert in the field of fitness. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with her and receive amazing insights with a positive outlook on things. Her knowledge in mind wellness and fitness added value to our community members and certainly inspiring. What peaked the most was her ability to help on questions related to diverse health subjects and the unconventional ones which was essayed in the feedback we received from our members. I am more than happy to recommend Vani as a speaker for forums or organisations involved in mind and body wellness. “

Siddhant Kashyap

Empowering people to thrive: HR Transformational Leader, Collaborator, Recruiter

I came to Vani after spending almost 2 years with multiple doctors, physiotherapists & fitness gurus trying to address a nagging lower back problem. And mind you some of them were celebrated columnists, Ultra-Marathoner coaches and fitness experts. On the contrary, when I came to Vani , she was able to address my problem in my first meeting only and since then I am on the journey to regaining my fitness. All credits to her! I had never exercised these parts of my body or even recognised that these muscles or parts can be so critical to my overall fitness. She has a systems approach to fitness and some of them are rooted in ancient Indian practices. She is somebody who is extremely detail oriented and gives you the solution which is tailormade to one’s body structure, age, lifestyle and fitness goals. There is no one size fits all solution and gives out a solution that is specific to you. She has a thorough knowledge of various fitness regimes and more importantly draws her knowledge from variety of traditional and new-age methods. She is extremely focused, diligent, practical and professional. Her sessions are intense, productive and planned!<br />

Himal Tewari


” A multi-talented personality; Vani has been a tremendous associate who has helped take our venture “Get A Life Life Fitness LLP” from a simple social media campaign to a Wellness Aggregator Firm that it is today. She is highly enthusiastic, compassionate, go-getter and has strong bias for impact and results. Vani is extremely articulate and can develop a instant connect with her work colleagues and customers. Highly knowledgable; I have seen her at play – with runners as a mentor, as Rehab Specialist and Foot and Gait Analyst and very recently as a corporate wellness coach on our panel. Her style of leadership is influence based and i personally value her opinion a lot. Vani has earned a strong name and acclaim for herself in the industry and with leading brands, yet her humility and inclination towards learning is what sets her apart from all her counterparts. Its been an absolute delight to be working with a professional like her. To many successes together and to the milestones.. !! Wishing her the best. Highly recommended. #BodyInMotion #GALF  #StartegicPartners  “

Amit Vasistha

Founder and Chief Executive at GALF