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When convenience and fashion cause pain

When convenience and fashion cause pain, there are ways of addressing it. This is the age of smart devices and high fashion. We walk around cradling the digital version of the world in our palms, looking dapper in heels and tight fitting shoes that defy gravity and physics. This digital world never sleeps, constantly demanding our attention, to a well-established point of addiction. Footwear bows to the dictates of fashion, mechanics of foot and motion be damned.Well, keeping up with the joneses comes at a price that affects not just our pockets but also our biomechanics, posture and mobility. We now have another source of pain in our lives, literally and figuratively.  Texting Neck Smart phones have taken over our lives. But they’ve only made us less smart...

Poor Posture Alert! These habits could be ruining your posture.

Poor posture doesn't just affect us negatively physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Most of us go through our daily actions unaware of our posture – sitting, standing, walking, or sleeping. Recurring aches, pains and niggles are a constant source of discomfort. Poor posture doesn’t just affect us negatively physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Any pain or muscular stress, especially chronic, is a source of irritation. If allowed long enough, it can even become depressive. Here are few habits that could cause poor posture:  Slouching You could be slouching sitting or standing. This commonly leads to stress/pain in the neck, shoulder and back muscles, and affects the spine along with the abdominal muscles.Correct it: Rotate the shoulder muscles back and down to correct forward droop. When seated,...