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Specialized Trainings

Your body is the ultimate source of power and performance. All functionality depends on how well the body responds to demands placed on it. Different set of demands means one fitness module cannot work for everyone. ‘Body in Motion’ recognizes this and provides specialized modules for specific functional needs.

Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES)

Vani Pahwa is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist. She works in tandem with oncologists to assist in the recovery of Cancer patients through special exercise programs. Vani assesses a patient on several parameters, such as exercise and health history, cancer treatment (ongoing or past), response and tolerance towards such treatment(s) etc. She then carefully designs and implements a personalized, well-structured and safe physical recovery program. She concurrently helps build mental stamina and emotional wellbeing.

Cancer recovery exercise is a specialized discipline, based on consideration of several key factors such as – cancer type and stage, treatment protocol, impact of radiation/chemotherapy etc., frequency of ongoing treatment, risk of conditions such as lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy, etc. Each cancer type is different and each patient’s response to cancer and its treatment is unique. Without detailed knowledge and a thorough understanding of this, including an understanding of side-effects and contra-indications, it is not recommended for anyone to prescribe an exercise program, no matter how well meaning it may be.

Read Vani Pahwa’s featured profile on the International MedFit Network (MFN) website.

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Rehab Training

Rehab Training is geared to get you back into action – from your daily activities to your chosen sport. Muscular imbalances and overuse often manifest themselves as Trigger Points in the body. These become a source of chronic discomfort ranging from mild to severe aches and pains and eventually start restricting range of motion.

Mere stretching does not help. Rehabilitation training is also recommended by sports doctors at the appropriate stage of injury management protocol. Myofascial release and activation need to be done concurrently to successfully address such needs.

Personal / Group Training

Personal and Group training sessions are conducted at the Body in Motion Studio in Gurugram and outdoors. Modules are developed as per individual goals, fitness levels and capacity. Personal sessions can be availed if you prefer working out alone or Group sessions if you thrive in company.

Assessments, Exercise prescription and Progress measurement are conducted at specified intervals to track achievements.

Foot and Gait Analysis

Walking is the most functional activity a human body does repeatedly. Every time a foot strikes the ground, reaction forces enter the body. Harder the impact (such as in running, jumping etc.), greater the forces acting upon the body.

Foot strike and gait analyses become important elements in determining effective dissipation of these forces. These analyses are also helpful in understanding propensity towards certain injuries and in selecting the right footwear as per one’s foot type. Many chronic aches and pains in different parts of the body can often be connected to the foot. Knowing your foot and gait (manner of walking) is the first step (pun intended) in taking corrective action.

Barefoot Training

Barefoot training extends beyond running to other sporting activities, rehab setting, injury prevention and meeting demands of ageing. It is more than just being without footwear and delves deeper to harness the inter-connectedness of feet with the rest of the body to generate stability, mobility, flexibility, body balance and power.

Barefoot training is relevant for all age groups (including children). You will be surprised at the way muscles get used, challenging every inch of your body.


Intrinsic strength of your body is the most important source to achieve your functional goals in a powerful, successful and pain-free manner. Train smart and in-sync with how nature designed your body to performance.

Challenge your body with a multi-disciplinary approach to exercise, working the body as a complete unit and not as isolated parts. You will see your body respond with positive changes that set in and help you perform better in your chosen sport or accomplishing your daily tasks. You will feel more powerful and incharge of yourself. And ofcourse, enjoy the complements that are sure to follow.

Sports Workshops

Body in Motion has been actively involved with athletics and sports communities, assisting them achieve their performance goals – both individual and collective.

Specialised modules are designed incorporating a fitness regimen geared towards demands of any individual athletic pursuit (such as running, golf, cycling, tennis, squash etc.) or group sport (such as cricket, football, hockey etc.). Our workshops are conducted across the country.

Adventure Training

Have feet, will trek. Have arms, will row. But it does require a little method and careful preparation to enhance what could be a life-time experience.

Be it a high altitude trek, taking on the rapids or a multi terrain challenge – training for the event helps the body to cope and deliver in different environs and makes a positive difference to both, performance and enjoyment. Knowing how to address individual nags and ease physical stress along the way makes you more in charge throughout and the adventure that much more fun.