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Posture is the key element in determining alignment of joints & muscles. Postural imbalance anywhere affects the entire body, leading to muscular weakness & tension in the joints over a period of time, causing chronic pain & discomfort. That shoulder slump could be stressing out your back, hips and the foot below. Likewise, lower limb posture could be stressing out not only the knees and ankles, but your hips, back & maybe causing a stress in your upper body too! Bad back posture affects all your core muscles negatively, further compounding the imbalances everywhere. The body is an entwined kinetic chain from one end to the other. Often a problem in one extrimity manifests way up (or below) the anatomical chain. What you perceive as a problem in a particular part could actually be a symptom of a problem originating elsewhere! The success of any movement, sport or exercise plan hinges on you getting your posture right. So, what kind of posture do YOU have?


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