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Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

I had posted something similar in the past, albeit in different words. But some misconceptions seem to linger. And I keep swinging between ignoring them with silence or nearly deciding to put up a billboard in the city’s most central and busy district. I am veering towards the latter today, as you can tell. In response to some interactions and reactions that keep coming my way. Pardon the length of the post, but I hope all concerned folks read it and it puts all their perceptions to holy rest.

I do not spend a major part of day “working out”. In fact, I don’t spend time thinking about it, posting about it, blowing a bugle or dreaming about it. I do what needs to be done with and get on with it. (Many don’t even know what all I do and that does not disturb me). I’ll consider myself truly dead and pitiable if my life was all about the sum total of just one thing.

I eat and drink pretty much everything and prefer to let my active mind and lifestyle do the balancing act. Not difficult at all. It’s second skin now.

I love variety and spice in everything I do (and eat).

I choose to keep my eating life uncomplicated and OPEN. I do not follow or recommend any in-fashion or in news measures. The only thumb rule I have is, don’t be a living pig (no offence if you have one as a pet) and do not eat anything that does not suit you. I am still an unapologetic non vegetarian.

I think I have way more fun in life being able to do whatever it is that takes my fancy because I have rendered myself slightly more capable of being able to handle whatever demands come with it. Pain is a visitor, not my life partner. And that’s a choice I love. It makes me feel liberated. So that should help answer the “Why??” thrown my way frequently.

Am I disciplined? Yes, I think so. And so are a lot more people than you think. Being disciplined is NOT about raw abstinence or a military leaning. It’s the opposite of being perpetually loose and out of control. It’s about knowing when to let go and when to reign in. Really, it’s that simple. It’s not a life threatening condition, it’s a benign practice. The dictionary does not print it in red.

When the person giving gyan looks like she/he most needs it, PLEASE pardon my bland expression. If you don’t behave and live what you preach, lets discuss the weather or traffic instead. Popping pills prescribed by a doc, doesn’t make you one. So it’s the same analogy for me with workouts, diets and the like. I prefer to park my faith in doers and be one myself.

There is no right or wrong. Choose how you want to be, don’t crib, indulge in useless discussions and pass ill informed or dismissive judgements. Be happy with who you are. If and when you truly want a change, you’ll seek it. So these conversations unfortunately, suffer a quick death with me, I apologize. (But conversations based on irrelevance are best served short.) You have every right to be happy, whatever your choice, is my belief.

Weight is a unit of measure. It’s not the gold standard of being fit and healthy. If you’ve simply shifted to a lower weight of being unfit and have blocked your senses to the bigger truth, the discussion ends right there.

Fitness is the most abused “F” word. Translated to reality, it’s the little things you do well everyday leading to occasional bigger ones. I can’t put it more simply. It’s a pretty basic and not such a glamorous or strenuous goal as some would have you believe. It’s not difficult to achieve. Trust me.

I take my work seriously, But not myself. That would be straightjacketing me. So when you see me in a different avatar (and you most likely will), don’t be so shocked. I do have plenty of clients and friends who will vouch for this. 😀



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