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Having Trouble With Your Golf Swing?

Take a look at your feet! Golf is a complex game requiring complete coordination between the upper body, the core and lower body. The stability of the feet have a direct impact on the pelvic (hip) rotation, which in turn will likely determine the swing from the shoulder.
The foot type (pronated/supinated/normal) dictates the internal rotations of the tibia, thefemur and pelvis, creating a cascade from the bottom to the hip/lower back and from the back to the shoulder. It will,in all probability, travel from top to bottom too. The kinetic chain responds to this imbalance in the form of stress to proximal (and distal) structures (low back pain ,tight muscles, stressed out shoulder) loss of form (poor hip/shoulder control, distortion from medial line) and inefficiency (poor swing).

A large number of muscles are involved (lower body included) in what appears to be an upper anatomy centric sport! Creating muscular strength and balance to provide right degrees of stability and mobility is not really possible without paying due attention to the feet and the role they play in supporting the body.
Barefoot training can help activate muscles, create balance and fire the core, leading to improvements in posture, control and eventually help improve the game.

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