Functional Fitness

All Body in Motion programs and modules are designed to achieve core stability through Functional Fitness. The term Functional Fitness is often misunderstood or rather, not fully understood and therefore misinterpreted.

Functional Fitness is more effectively interpreted as an approach designed to deliver results specific to an individual’s greatest demands on a daily basis, professionally and recreationally. Given a deep connection between body and mind, an unfit body undermines the mind. Likewise, a mind not willing or trained to push the boundaries of body’s current homeostasis, blocks its progress and may not even seek it. Functional Fitness programs seek to align the body and mind in a way that support an individual’s growth process and promise long term benefits.
It’s about training for life, not events
Functional Fitness is ‘Fitness for life’ - life of work, life of play and life of growth. Therefore, it needs to be more encompassing and meaningful than physical drills and disciplines. The mind needs as much tutoring as the body, given their symbiotic relation. Once the mind learns to accept and articulate stumbling blocks and address smaller components which appear less daunting, the body is more willing to engage. This implies solutions that are easier to adopt within personal and professional constraints, such as frequent travel, long work hours, single vs family support, nature of work (more mechanical vs more technology dependent), understanding concept of and access to good nutrition etc. The results are then more explosive and longer lasting, as reflected by empirical evidence.

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