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Foot and Gait

Walking is the most functional activity we do. But did you know, your foot type and gait determine how you walk and how your body feels? Your body is subject toground reaction forces during various phases of the gait cycle. These forces travel all the way from the bottom of the foot up your anatomical chain, in internal spirals. Poor foot and ankle stability and mobility (arising out of different foot types) is the cause of many compensatory patterns you may not even be aware of and these in turn, could be manifesting as several troublesome issues such as pain in the ankle, knee, hip, back, shin spints etc. Your foot has the ability to imapct your upper body stability too!

Gait Analysis and Barefoot training work to correct these imbalances making your movements more fluid, powerful & efficient, whether you are an ace athelete looking for that winning edge, an older person with balance issues, pre-post natal woman, budding kid sports prodigy or someone in rehab recovering from injuries / post surgery. It has the ability to make you stronger from the ground up by toning your neuromuscular responses, thus, helping prevent injuries or recurrence of injuries you might be prone too. Get barefoot stronger and feel the difference!


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