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Sohna Road, Gurgaon,
Haryana – 122018

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Monday to Friday
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Corporate Programs

Body in Motion Corporate Programs are developed to make employees proactive participants, build camaraderie and create an environment that nurtures employee initiative and goal fulfillment. They are designed to create a sound foundation, ensure timely scalability and continuous redrawing based on outcomes.

Given that a corporate is a sum total of individuals, Functional Fitness programs, if designed and implemented with all honesty, can create a healthy (and productive) workplace.

It is a well-documented and accepted fact that maintaining a workplace where employees are healthy, improves their quality of life at the individual level and positively contributes to their productivity thereby adding to the company’s bottom-line. Even though this fact is commonly accepted and acknowledged by organizations, most face a challenge in designing and implementing effective policies and programs that can help them achieve the desired outcome. The major stumbling block, in an overwhelming number of cases, is at the initial stage of designing an effective health program.

Body in Motion Corporate programs can be implemented for a small to medium size organization of 100 employees or less, as well as for large organizations with multi-location offices and employee numbers in several hundreds.