Corporate Programs

Body in Motion Corporate Programs are developed to make employees proactive participants, build camaraderie and create an environment that nurtures employee initiative and goal fulfillment. They are designed to create a sound foundation, ensure timely scalability and continuous redrawing based on outcomes.

Given that a corporate is a larger entity encompassing individuals across strata performing different roles individually and collectively, Corporate Health is a function of collective health of all participants that form part of the entity. Corporate Wellness needs an approach appreciative of this symbiotic relationship.

Corporate Wellness programs, if designed and implemented with honesty and intelligence, can create a healthy (and productive) workplace. Even though this fact is commonly accepted and acknowledged by organizations, most face a challenge in designing and implementing effective policies and programs that can help them achieve the desired outcome.

Body in Motion Corporate Wellness programs’ design and execution reflect and respect this understanding. Our programs are uniquely and painstakingly designed and delivered to make them one of the most powerful and effective ways of achieving a lifelong approach to wellness and health, relevant to all spheres of life and goals, across strata and industry.

Our Corporate Programs include:

  • Role & Industry relevant Wellness Programs
  • Wellness Program Consultancy & Design
  • Offsite Wellness Plans
  • C-Suite Wellness Solutions
  • Special Women-centric Health Solutions
  • Injury and Pain Management
Good health IS good business

Our value proposition?

  • Rich, diverse and global experience across industries
  • Holistic focus on all aspects of wellness
  • Right approach fit for your organization
  • Role and Industry relevant wellness programs
  • Wellness Program Consultancy and Design
  • Specialized cutting-edge & next-gen solutions
  • C-Suite Wellness Solutions
  • Special Women-centric Health Solutions
  • Special Health Conditions centric Wellness Solutions
  • Injury and Pain Management

Our unique suite of specialties across several domains of health, fitness and wellness makes us truly unparalleled. We confidently walk the talk!

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