There is so much noise about the core and core training. What is it? Why is it so importan?
CORE is much more than the frenzied twitter of six packs of some or the grocery bag that hangs around the midrif of many. It consists of 29 pairs of muscles spanning the abdomen, the back & the pelvic/hip area. It’s more like a big cylinder structurally that plays a key role in stabilizing the body and help generate force for functional movements. It extends far beyond the abs, including almost everything except your arms and legs. Many core muscles are hidden deep within the external musculature people typically train. These are equally responsible for motor control and function as they are for stability, strength and flexibility. So a strong, stable core not only serves to protect the spine, reduce incidence of injury, but also helps produce fluid, controlled, powerful movements, be they functional ones pertaining to daily activities or specialized ones catering to sports. Training the core only in isolation versus functional movement training, makes one lose out on the major function of the core and given that the core is an amalgamation of the lumbar – pelvic – hip area, an imbalance in any component can show up anywhere.
Barefoot Training has been shown to be an efficient and effective way of achieving core stability by firing the instrinsic muscles all the way up the anatomical chain.
Get core smart, train smart.


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