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Tips For Achieving Better Health and Fitness Goals

Simple pointers to help get better results from fitness programs and frequent prevent fall outs. Ever wonder why some people are able to achieve their health and fitness goals better than others? Why they seem to be successful in adopting healthy practices as a lifestyle and demonstrate superior adherence and results while others struggle? While the reasons could be varied, there appear to be some common threads that run across success stories. Some tips that could help you achieve similar results. These are by no means, carved in stone truths, but seem to work for most. 1) CHOOSE A TIME SLOT Perhaps a better and more effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals is to do whatever program you follow in the mornings before you take on...


Your Body, Your Temple

IF YOU ARE NOT THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT? The human body is an amazingly intricate and deep ecosystem revolving around the mind. It is controlled by the mind, yet retains its power to influence it strongly. Much has been written about this connect, but the symbiosis plays out on a daily basis in much more mundane ways than one realises. It takes relatively little to upset the intricate working of the complex mechanism that is the body. What we often forget is that it does not take much to ensure a reasonable homeostasis and provide inputs to keep it working smoothly. We often think the effort is larger than what it actually is, preventing us from taking...


Journey of Indian fitness

For some time now I have been in an inquisitive frame of mind with an increasing sense of déjàvu. Having been exposed to Indian classical dance since the age of five, tutored in the tradition of the Guru -Shishya Parampara, practicing Yoga and now being part of the modern health and fitness industry for several long years, I feel we need to jostle ourselves hard. I don’t want this to be a historical discourse nor a black and white piece on East versus West. But given what we have as our cultural heritage and what we have squandered away and allowed to die, it might meander down that road a bit. At the outset let me clarify my position. Assimilation of knowledge and practices should be free...



Posture is the key element in determining alignment of joints & muscles. Postural imbalance anywhere affects the entire body, leading to muscular weakness & tension in the joints over a period of time, causing chronic pain & discomfort. That shoulder slump could be stressing out your back, hips and the foot below. Likewise, lower limb posture could be stressing out not only the knees and ankles, but your hips, back & maybe causing a stress in your upper body too! Bad back posture affects all your core muscles negatively, further compounding the imbalances everywhere. The body is an entwined kinetic chain from one end to the other. Often a problem in one extrimity manifests way up (or below) the anatomical chain. What you perceive as...