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Designing Corporate Wellness For Your Salesforce

Sales lie at the heart of the enterprise. Be it a product or service, sales are what drive bottom lines, profits, and the very existence and perpetuity of any business or endeavor. We are all selling, but some more than others. The salesforce of organizations is, in a sense, front line workers of the company working to meet (and exceed) organizational targets. Chasing and closing sales is no mean feat. Given their operational mandate, it’s important to recognize and appreciate that they will have stressors and specific needs to be addressed, beyond the general, for their wellness and wellbeing.  Does your Corporate Wellness Program deliver to address the needs of your Salesforce? Or are they relegated to contend with ‘fitness/wellness’ programs, incognizant of real-time/domain challenges? Many corporate wellness choices seem to...


Exercising For Cancer Recovery

We all know that exercise is good for the body and mind as self-care practice for better health and wellbeing. It helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases and enhances performance and functioning. It also releases endorphins, thus, playing a vital role in reducing stress and boosting mental health.However, many may not be aware that exercise plays an important role in preventing Cancer, during Cancer treatment, and in Cancer and treatment recovery, thereby, improving quality of life.The benefits of exercise in each phase deserves serious consideration. Findings of several studies reveal the following:  I. BENEFITS OF EXERCISE IN PREVENTING CANCERAs for many health conditions, there is considerable evidence suggesting that increased physical activity plays an important role in reducing rates of and help prevent certain cancers, notably cancers of the colon, breast, lungs, prostate,...


Mental Health For Workplace Wellness

The ongoing global pandemic - COVID-19, is immensely escalating challenges all around, far greater than normal times. While the focus naturally has been on managing its physical symptoms, it’s becoming increasingly palpable that there needs to be a stronger call to action to address an increasingly potent, pervasive, and destructive side effect unfurling – mounting distress and its impact on mental wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, depression are presenting in different forms and degrees in the populace across the world. Along with other health conditions, there is likely going to be a spike in psychosomatic illnesses.Are we preparing well to handle these? Is there anything different we need to do going forward?Mental health is a serious and persistent concern. Always has been. But unlike its more popular counterpart –...


Top 5 Weight Management Woes Of Corporates

Over the years, my Corporate Wellness experience addressing health challenges faced by employees has consistently thrown "Weight Loss & Management" as one of the dominant concerns. It continues to be a pressing issue with the new normal of work-from-home.Given the prevalence of weight woes across all levels of management and employees, I thought it might be interesting to share 5 questions (in no particular order) which often come my way from different Corporate clients, indicating their general to specific nature. My replies here are very brief. Client programming and delivery, of course, is in-depth and offers practice vs intervention-based solutions that can be adopted more willingly and practically within the life-work framework.  #1. What is better to lose weight – dieting or exercising? Any ratio? This has several attendant key points and attitudes that I...


Demystifying (Corporate) Functional Fitness

“Functional Fitness” is a term often used by trainers, coaches, and gyms and seems to have come increasingly into vogue. But what is Functional Fitness? Does it have any relevance for Corporate Wellness Planning?  Demystifying Functional Fitness Interpreted correctly, Functional Fitness comprises training/exercises and simulating common movements to train multiple muscle groups of the body to work collectively in performing daily tasks and activities. Almost all our daily activities at home and at work engage more than one muscle type - even seemingly routine actions such as carrying groceries or equipment, lifting, pushing, pulling things around, bending (e.g. over machinery), squatting, climbing flights of stairs, playing active games with kids like football, etc. Functional Fitness also includes training for the specific movement demands of sports.  Why Is It Important?Functional Training equips the...


Movement As Medicine For Special Health Conditions

Not all health conditions are equal in essence. Some are more challenging than others in their symptoms and in recovery. Not only can these conditions be long drawn and debilitating, posing substantial impediments to daily performance and independent functioning, but may require prolonged specialized treatments and intensive care as well. This has a negative impact beyond just physical wellbeing. It also corrodes Mental Health and resilience towards overcoming the disease/condition in particular, and in living a fuller life in general. So how about exploring empowering tools, in addition to the medical, that aid better quality-of-life outcomes?Can Movement be one such tool? There is a steadily growing body of evidence to suggest it can be, and that it should be.Movement is motion, flux, change… It’s both an ‘act’ and a ‘process’...


Are You Managing Your Pain Well For Work?

Pain is a distressing feeling which not only impacts our physical wellbeing but also our emotional and psychological state. Even though pain is subjective, with each individual responding to stimuli and resultant sensation differently, pain is undeniably an unpleasant experience. It is one of the most common reasons for doctor consultations, and if it persists long enough, it has the potential to interfere with one’s daily functioning and quality of life. Given the pandemic induced new work-from-home reality and work shifting online for long hours, emergence and exacerbation of aches and pains will emerge as a challenge for many.Be it acute or chronic pain, its functional impact ranging from being a minor irritant to manifesting as a major impediment establishes a strong case for understanding...


How To Check Your Corporate’s Wellness Mindset Quotient (WMQ)

Wellness has come into sharp focus in light of the ongoing threat being posed by COVID-19. The pressing need to build “Immunity” and “Health” are being reinforced on a daily basis as this pandemic continues to unleash its devastating effects on humanity across the world. With social distancing and quarantining becoming the new normal addressing Wellness has taken on a whole new dimension. In my previous article, Corporate Wellness For Pandemic Preparedness, I touched upon a few aspects of what this means for Corporate Wellness Programming.Before proceeding with the executional aspects of a Corporate Wellness Plan there is, now more than ever, an urgent need to address a foundational question that precedes this exercise – the need to identify what I call the “Wellness Mindset Quotient (WMQ)”.But first...


Corporate Wellness For Pandemic Preparedness

2020 is undeniably a year of turmoil of unprecedented global scale. A vicious pandemic continues to disrupt and erode flow of life at a personal and collective level. It has caused massive disruptions in the way we live, interact and work. Our physical, mental and emotional health, naturally, is being tested in equal measure. Given the unique and long term challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the approach to wellness, including corporate wellness, needs to be addressed afresh to allow better physical, mental and emotional preparedness to face and cope with the new reality which is here to stay. I've made a few observations based on the experiences spanning past and current corporate wellness scenarios.Typically the focus of corporate wellness programming at large has been disproportionately aligned...


Seeking Balance in the mayhem

The importance of balance in life cannot be underrated, yet it is a fast depleting aspect.A primary cause of stress in our lives is lack of balance - in our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual states.Balance is equally relevant for diet and physical activity. These constitute two of the biggest concerns in today's times, and have become basis for business explosion in these fields. The goal is good health and fitness levels, which should eventually lead to better life fitness. After all, the idea is to live well and better, isn’t it?If, like quite a few I know, you feel overwhelmed with the constant buzz around, here are a few key points to help you strike balance with diet and exercise, and your health in general:1) The...