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Some easy to perform stretches post workout

After a workout  a stretch feels good to release tension from taut muscles. Here are some easy to perform stretches. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or more, to relax muscles and increase mobility   Neck To stretch the neck gently tilt head to one side (bringing ear close to shoulder of that side) with fingers of opposite hand. Hold; repeat on other side. Then repeat stretch, now titling head slightly forward too while tilting it sideways.     Shoulder Roll shoulders back and down. Stretch out both arms at chest level, palms facing up. Stack left elbow under the right one. Now move the left palm towards the left ear, pulling the right arm closer to chest. You’ll feel the stretch on the right shoulder. Hold. Change the arm positions and...

Vani Pahwa offers unique, deeper insights for greater fitness results

Besides sharing her fitness philosophy, the graceful Mohiniattam exponent also touches on subjects that intend to enlighten the youth. Her hands are gesturing much of the time and her eyes are very much in the conversation. As indeed they would be since she has been a dancer nearly all her life. The words that flow from Vani Pahwa’s heart stem from two decades of advocating functional fitness for athletes, professional and recreational, and corporates, and working as a rehabilitation therapy specialist. The ease with which she speaks of the movement of the body and the stillness of the mind is simply stunning. “The first is easier to target and the second is elusive,” she says, matter-of-factly, championing fitness training for life rather than just events. “I found...


The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’

Yes, that’s what it is also called. Vitamin D. While there is some growing awareness about this Vitamin, knowledge about its functions and the role it plays in maintaining health is still poor. WHAT IS VITAMIN D? It’s important to first understand what Vitamins are in general. Vitamins are organic compounds needed in small quantities by the body to power and sustain life. We source them externally from the food we eat and supplements, because the human body does not either produce them or does so inadequate measure. They are of two types: Fat soluble Vitamins – Are stored in fat tissues of the body and the liver, where they reside as reserves for longer time. Water Soluble Vitamins – These are not stored in the body for a long period...


Paragliding in Sikkim-The adrenalin junkie’s flight

The North East has always appeared as a beautiful, mystical frontier to me, promising abundant natural beauty and promise of a culture so different from that witnessed in the plains of this country. My appetite had for long been whetted by the stunning imagery of this region, as presented time and again on various media. When a trip to Gangtok, Sikkim seemed ready to materialize, I wasted no time in finding out various experiences to partake whilst there. It wasn’t a very long trip so I wanted to soak in and absorb as much as I could of this beautiful State. The prospect of seeing Mt. Kanchenjunga (world’s third highest mountain) albeit from a distance, had all my nerves tingling and energised. If not a...


Life beyond the hot flashes

That much-dreaded journey to menopause need not be all misery if you make some simple but healthy changes in lifestyle Menopause marks the end of the monthly menstrual cycle for women. It’s the time when the ovaries cease to function and the woman can no longer reproduce. Though it is a biological phenomenon, it represents a major transition in a woman’s life and is often accompanied by very individual physiological and emotional changes. This makes it complex to understand. Menopuase is not a sudden phenomenon, but rather a gradual process. There is no definite age or timeline that can be authoritatively assigned to it. Most women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, the average age being around 51. Some reach menopause before 40 or 45....


While you were not sleeping…

your body did not get a chance to renew itself. Read on to see if you suffer from sleep deficit syndrome It is a common experience that a problem — difficult at night — is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. — John Steinbeck How good are we at understanding an activity as natural as sleep? Do we fully understand its functioning and the far-reaching impact it has on our lives? The common notion is to think of sleep as a period of total inactivity. It is often the first casualty of our chock-a-block lives and a recurring sacrifice at the altar of work or merriment. This has resulted in alarmingly increasing numbers of people — young and old — accumulating a...


Gender Bender – How Much, How Little.

We’ve often heard the expression, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. While the debate rages on fractiously on its emotional interpretation, let’s see if there is any scientific merit in it from the health and fitness perspective. Concerns and (mis) conceptions keep erupting, suggesting there is little awareness of the underlying physiological factors and consequent approach to setting and attaining health and wellness goals. That physical and mental differences exist between men and women, is well established scientifically. What may not be well known is how these generate different responses to physical endeavour (exercise), stress and disease (cardiovascular and psychological reactions). Health is a continuum, an aggregate of physical ability and stress handling capability. Hence, understanding gender based differences in both spheres is useful in understanding...


So, what exactly do you do?

Of all the questions, to which I should have an involuntary answer ready to rattle off by now should be, “So, what do you do?” Or it’s peskier and open to interpretation sibling, “What exactly do you do?” The first question is common place requiring an appropriate answer, though it comes with inherent challenges. At least to yours truly. But when you ask me the paraphrased version I have to do a more thorough quick assessment of the situation since these challenges just multiplied in my mind. So when I stare you in the eye and take a deep breath before blurting any words out I might come across as someone wanting to avail all three lifelines of a quiz show simultaneously. Thinking EmojiTruth be told,...


This is really child’s play

Children today are as sleep-deprived as adults. Their access to junk food is limitless and the effects of technology ensnaring. While focus on adult health and fitness is growing by the day, how much attention is being given to the younger age group (children, pre-teens and teens) is the big question for today's parents. The rising incidence of childhood obesity and the prevalence of lifestyle diseases among the young is a matter of concern. The perception that children are more immune to ambient stresses is misplaced, and reality clearly suggests otherwise. Demands of competitive education, the ensnaring effect of technology, limited availability of easily accessible open spaces, security concerns, easy access to fast food/ junk options, changing home/ school environments and ignorance on part of caregivers about...


Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

I had posted something similar in the past, albeit in different words. But some misconceptions seem to linger. And I keep swinging between ignoring them with silence or nearly deciding to put up a billboard in the city's most central and busy district. I am veering towards the latter today, as you can tell. In response to some interactions and reactions that keep coming my way. Pardon the length of the post, but I hope all concerned folks read it and it puts all their perceptions to holy rest. I do not spend a major part of day "working out". In fact, I don't spend time thinking about it, posting about it, blowing a bugle or dreaming about it. I do what needs to be done...