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To be or Not to be (Outdoors)?

If you are living in north India, and specifically in the Delhi-Punjab-Haryana-UP belt, you would know winter is setting in. Not just because of the slight nip in the air but because of the smog engulfing us, making it hard for us to breathe. It has been on a bad-to-worse trajectory for the last few years and this year pollution levels have set the alarm bells ringing. Burning eyes, throat and chest constriction, breathing difficulty on the outside and toxic deposits in lungs on the inside – the situation at present is nothing short of a health crisis. Schools have been shut down, health advisories released and air purifiers are flying off of the shelf. Each time you switch on the television or flip through pages...


Reebok Supreme Floatride

The Floatride is Reebok’s latest offering in the long distance running shoe category. The brand aims to address an existing lacuna in providing a serious solution to the long distance runner, ‘backed by technology, innovation and design’. It’s stated to be ‘Reebok’s most technically advanced shoe to date’. The descriptive #FeeltheFloatride ostensibly steers one towards the expected product experience: “Floatride is cushioning without compromise; soft AND responsive so you can float through your run”. Is that so? That’s the task I was entrusted with, to test and review the shoe.** LAUNCH DATE: April 1, 2017My running shoes have always been lightweight and flatter (lower heel to toe drop – neutral, and bordering on minimal by comparison) so when this shoe arrived for testing, I was...