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Social Media & Decision-Making For Wellness

Social Media is one of the most potent and powerful media connecting people across geographical boundaries and timelines. It allows us to consume colossal amounts of information on just about any conceivable topic in multiple formats. Entertainment, education, news, arts & sciences… information pertaining to any field is available 24/7. You are only limited by your own choices and ability to surf. This can feel very liberating and empowering.However, as with everything else in life, it comes with caveats. The pace of social media is so frenetic that it gets quickly overwhelming and can cloud one’s better judgment. One needs to stay vigilant against getting swept up in the torrent of (glitzy) information, not abandon due diligence in sieving what is relevant and in authenticating...


Challenges for Youth – How adults can help

10 big reasons parents and coaches should read this NOW. Guiding and coaching youth for their physical, mental and emotional needs requires an approach different from treating them as miniature adults. Here's what you need to remember to stay on top of things and up your game, while upping theirs, without going bananas.  I recently conducted a webinar with parents of young children & adolescents, some beginners in sports, and some graduating to competitive levels. We covered concerns relating to physical training, nutrition, injury management etc. The questions coming my way revealed some interesting insights, not all surprising. Sharing a few observations for the parent/adult in you:1) Children aren't miniature adults.Their training programs need to be intelligently designed for their age group and commensurate with their development timelines...