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Fitness for Life

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How To Get Fit Without A Gym

You don’t have access to a gym (or worse, are a ‘no show’ paid member), travel frequently, keep erratic hours and have some other excuse tucked under your frequent flier belt. Let’s take the bull by the horns. The truth is, you always carry the best and most effective piece of equipment with you at all times — your body. Thus, a cracker of a bodyweight workout is always at your disposal. The possibilities are immense, but let’s begin with something easy. With five common exercises — Plank, Squats, Lunges, Pushups and Bridges — done in an effective manner, you can work out most of the muscles in your body, and done with intensity, it is a good workout for the heart as well. The table...


Visual guide to 36 useful stretches

The effectivity of performing stretches and deriving their benefits in terms of enhancing flexibility, strength, injury prevention and general well being depends on targeting intended muscles appropriately. Without this bodily awareness focus is missing and stretches are often performed incorrectly. The following visual guide along with descriptions, shows the muscles involved in these stretches. Vicky Timón, an exercise expert and author of “Encyclopedia of Pilates Exercises,” created these beautiful illustrations, and James Kilgallon, CSCS, creator of Mazlo’s Body Maintenance Program, contributed the expert commentary. Don’t worry if you don’t understand muscle names. The muscles being stretched are highlighted in the images explicitly. It’s an invaluable source and a delightful way to learn! 1. CAMEL POSE Muscles highlighted: Rectus Abdominus and External Obliques. This stretch is best reserved for people...


This is really child’s play

Children today are as sleep-deprived as adults. Their access to junk food is limitless and the effects of technology ensnaring. While focus on adult health and fitness is growing by the day, how much attention is being given to the younger age group (children, pre-teens and teens) is the big question for today's parents. The rising incidence of childhood obesity and the prevalence of lifestyle diseases among the young is a matter of concern. The perception that children are more immune to ambient stresses is misplaced, and reality clearly suggests otherwise. Demands of competitive education, the ensnaring effect of technology, limited availability of easily accessible open spaces, security concerns, easy access to fast food/ junk options, changing home/ school environments and ignorance on part of caregivers about...


Roopkund Saga – A story of stories

Situated in the the lap of Trishul massiv, Roopkund, a high altitude glacial lake in Uttarakhand at a height of 5,029m, is famous for human skeletal remains and is tantalizingly known as “The Mystery Lake”. It had been on the agenda for quite some time. The long, arduous treks through stunning and difficult terrain that needed to be undertaken only whet my appetite. So when an intrepid group of friends came together to form a team, it was a no brainer to say a resounding “YES!” and get on with it. The fact that I had fun memories of another trek with some of these friends and the suitability of dates, only made the packing swifter. A trekker’s suitcase!The most frustrating part by far was the...


TANDAVA-LASYA: The Cosmic Connection

THE HOLISTIC APPROACH OF INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE MAY JUST BE THE NEW-AGE FITNESS MANTRA. Dance has always been a source of physical expression around the world. It is also a means of staying fit. India is blessed to have several styles, classical and folk, originating from various regions. This blessing is magnified many times over, given not just the quantum of styles but also the scientific genesis, structure and detailed delineation of practically every nuance and instruction. Indian classical dance forms incorporate both tandava (vigorous/ masculine) and lasya (soft/ feminine), offering a balance of cosmic energies — male/female, yin/yang — in their exposition. The tandava aspect is characterised by sharp, forceful movements that aim to capture the essence of the underlying bhava (sentiment). The lasya elements are represented...


Your Body, Your Temple

IF YOU ARE NOT THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT? The human body is an amazingly intricate and deep ecosystem revolving around the mind. It is controlled by the mind, yet retains its power to influence it strongly. Much has been written about this connect, but the symbiosis plays out on a daily basis in much more mundane ways than one realises. It takes relatively little to upset the intricate working of the complex mechanism that is the body. What we often forget is that it does not take much to ensure a reasonable homeostasis and provide inputs to keep it working smoothly. We often think the effort is larger than what it actually is, preventing us from taking...


The “F” Word

This got your interest, didn’t it? So let’s begin by doing justice to your interpretation first. Let’s face it. Given the world we live in, the daily drama that plays out and the fact that something or someone does manage to needle us despite our best intentions of isolating ourselves, we are all guilty of giving vent either publicly or under our breath. It could range from a hissy eye roll, clenched teeth, tightly pursed lips, disgusted shake of the head, to a more soul satisfying swear. You simply can’t deny the relief swearing provides sometimes. This “F” word (the one I bet you thought this is about) has indelibly made its way into our lives. If not in uttering it, then in listening to it being...