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Fitness for Life

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Nostalgic Romanticism or Changing Reality?

Is it the queer irony of our times? We are more in-tune with the idea of health but are less healthy. We have more conveniences and comforts in our lives but less time. We have greater access to means but less intent to avail. Could we be a living contradiction to what we profess to be our reality? There is definitely a generational shift happening around us…and not of the desirable kind. Yes, every generation feels they grew up in a better time (and were better) than the current lot and one may be prone to dismissing this assumption as mere nostalgic romanticism. But a recent experience brought this thought to the fore and I feel compelled to share it. It exposed a lot about the...


To be or Not to be (Outdoors)?

If you are living in north India, and specifically in the Delhi-Punjab-Haryana-UP belt, you would know winter is setting in. Not just because of the slight nip in the air but because of the smog engulfing us, making it hard for us to breathe. It has been on a bad-to-worse trajectory for the last few years and this year pollution levels have set the alarm bells ringing. Burning eyes, throat and chest constriction, breathing difficulty on the outside and toxic deposits in lungs on the inside – the situation at present is nothing short of a health crisis.   Schools have been shut down, health advisories released and air purifiers are flying off of the shelf. Each time you switch on the television or flip through pages...


Management principle for life

Ancient shloka offers a roadmap to finding focus Being engaged meaningfully in the process is as important as the final product or goal Fragment, polish each piece and reassemble them to make something, perhaps bigger and/or better   "Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti, Yatho Drishti thatho Manah Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava, Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa" "Where the hands(hasta) are, go the eyes (drishti); where the eyes are, goes the mind (manah); where the mind goes, there is an expression of inner feeling (bhaava) and where there is bhaava, mood or sentiment (rasa) is evoked."   This verse from the Natya Shastra, the ancient Sanskrit treatise on performing arts by Bharata Muni, is as relevant to modern life as it has been to classical dance. Our ancient scriptures offer modern guide maps...


Preparing For a Trek

So you are off on a trek. Or deciding maybe. You are headed out the door and into Mother Nature’s lap. Yippee!! A trek is not easy work. Without adequate preparation it becomes even harder. If you plan on doing it based purely on inspiration and dreams, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Trekking (especially high altitude) presents multi -dimensional challenges. The last thing you want to do is to hit the trail mentally and physically unprepared. Proper preparation significantly increases quality of experience, chances of success and reduces propensity to stress and injuries. MENTAL PREPARATION Attitude will be as important as anything else you’ll carry on your expedition. Keeping an open mind, nurturing resilience and carrying along a sense of humour will enhance the...


Reebok Supreme Floatride

The Floatride is Reebok’s latest offering in the long distance running shoe category. The brand aims to address an existing lacuna in providing a serious solution to the long distance runner, ‘backed by technology, innovation and design’. It’s stated to be ‘Reebok’s most technically advanced shoe to date’. The descriptive #FeeltheFloatride ostensibly steers one towards the expected product experience: “Floatride is cushioning without compromise; soft AND responsive so you can float through your run”. Is that so? That’s the task I was entrusted with, to test and review the shoe. ** LAUNCH DATE: April 1, 2017 My running shoes have always been lightweight and flatter (lower heel to toe drop – neutral, and bordering on minimal by comparison) so when this shoe arrived for testing, I was...


The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’

Yes, that’s what it is also called. Vitamin D. While there is some growing awareness about this Vitamin, knowledge about its functions and the role it plays in maintaining health is still poor. WHAT IS VITAMIN D? It’s important to first understand what Vitamins are in general. Vitamins are organic compounds needed in small quantities by the body to power and sustain life. We source them externally from the food we eat and supplements, because the human body does not either produce them or does so inadequate measure. They are of two types: Fat soluble Vitamins – Are stored in fat tissues of the body and the liver, where they reside as reserves for longer time. Water Soluble Vitamins – These are not stored in the body for a long period...


Paragliding in Sikkim-The adrenalin junkie’s flight

The North East has always appeared as a beautiful, mystical frontier to me, promising abundant natural beauty and promise of a culture so different from that witnessed in the plains of this country. My appetite had for long been whetted by the stunning imagery of this region, as presented time and again on various media. When a trip to Gangtok, Sikkim seemed ready to materialize, I wasted no time in finding out various experiences to partake whilst there. It wasn’t a very long trip so I wanted to soak in and absorb as much as I could of this beautiful State. The prospect of seeing Mt. Kanchenjunga (world’s third highest mountain) albeit from a distance, had all my nerves tingling and energised. If not a...


The Four Pillars Of Well Being

Holistic fitness includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness. The word ‘holistic’ has made its way into common vocabulary, especially in the health and wellness industry. What does it mean? It’s a basic and intuitive concept on which our very existence should rest, not just health and fitness. It is a multidimensional web of our foundational pillars and their interconnections. There is an Indian proverb that says that everyone is a house with four rooms — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but we need to go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired. So, holistic fitness includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness. It should be clear that a lacuna...


Keep falling off fitness goals? Here’s maybe why.

We all know someone who has trouble getting on and staying on board the health and fitness train. Chances are, we are that someone. Here are some common reasons why most people fail to start or stick to their goals: Setting a future date. You keep the beginning of next week, next month, after a holiday, event or the beginning of a new year as your target day to start or restart your fitness journey. How about the very next day the thought crosses your mind? Experience shows that farther the targeted date, greater the chances of not starting. Most people would then also become more prone to throwing all diet control out of the window (having given themselves a future deadline) and wanting to “live...


So, what exactly do you do?

Of all the questions, to which I should have an involuntary answer ready to rattle off by now should be, “So, what do you do?” Or it’s peskier and open to interpretation sibling, “What exactly do you do?” The first question is common place requiring an appropriate answer, though it comes with inherent challenges. At least to yours truly. But when you ask me the paraphrased version I have to do a more thorough quick assessment of the situation since these challenges just multiplied in my mind. So when I stare you in the eye and take a deep breath before blurting any words out I might come across as someone wanting to avail all three lifelines of a quiz show simultaneously. Thinking EmojiTruth be told,...