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Why Leaders Need Self-Care

A greater need for focusing on effective employee wellbeing, as part of Corporate Wellness, has undeniably grown now. However, there is an equally strong and urgent case for business leaders to focus on their self-care, too, building on their Wellness quotient along with those of the people who work for them. Here are a few simple reasons justifying this compelling necessity:Demands Of Leadership  In times of crisis, people look up to their leaders for reassurance and some semblance of certainty and control. However, COVID-19 has not only thrown open unexpected crises, but also a protracted, ongoing one. Exposure to such a long-drawn and heightened crisis, with no parallels in recent memory, has put leadership under severe duress of its own. The strain has been felt even by the most seasoned. [mkdf_blockquote text="To...


Wellness: The Powerful Corporate Communication Channel

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”- George Bernard Shaw As I packed my laptop bag, I did a final check. All cables, chargers, stationery, my notebook, pen drive with a backup of presentation, phone…check, check, check. Enough time to navigate traffic and reach the client site for the workshop – check.A corporate wanted a series of workshops for their “Employee Wellness Initiative.” The ‘team’ in charge of overseeing this had been communicating vision and needs with me over emails and calls and had even narrowed it down to the topics they want to be covered. “Quite involved!” I thought to myself.I reached the venue a little ahead of time, as I prefer to. I was lead to the big hall where tables,...


Wellness Models & Role Of New-Age Leadership

Along with all else, COVID-19 has changed the hues and challenges of leadership substantially and perceptibly. The concept of a VUCA world exists since way before the pandemic hit, but making sense of recent, radical and unprecedented disruptions across levels – individual, enterprise and world – is going to need and forcibly seed serious changes, both subtle and pronounced. The pandemic has just blitzed urgency by openly exposing cracks and chasms in our thinking, attitude and approach to work, home, wellness, in general, and life, in particular. It has been a great leveller in reminding us that at the bottom of it all, we are humans first.To be honest, some of these changes are long overdue and this exposure a matter of time and trigger. Borne out...


Women Leaders, Work & Wellness

“You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation.” - Brigham Young These words made me ponder. It is an obvious statement, yet not so obviously acknowledged, including by women themselves. While many societies are still struggling with embracing true gender equality, diversity, and inclusion beyond the rhetoric, it speaks to the power and force of women operating through it all. To me, it doesn’t jump out as a man vs. woman battle, rather, as a powerful potential of women still lying untapped. There are a lot of women who naturally learn by way of being primary caregivers and multi-tasking the way they do, across strata of society. They draw incessantly from their internal reserves to fulfill multifarious demands placed on them,...


Do most Corporate Wellness Programs actually work?

Corporate wellness programs are fast becoming part of an organization's stated practice to keep employees at their optimum performance levels. Designed correctly, they can help in another critical area - to reduce costs incurred due to absences, low productivity, attrition etc. But are these programs really effective in giving results that a corporate hopes for? What are the pitfalls companies need to be aware of while designing and implementing one? And why are most companies not taking it seriously beyond a mere statement?Here is Vani Pahwa, Founder and Wellness Specialist at Body in Motion, sharing her views on how 90% of Corporate Wellness Programs are doomed for failure. She shares her experiences over years of doing deep seated work in the Fitness and Wellness sphere,...


That Gut Feeling

Could you be allergic to what’s on your plate? Struggling with weight loss? You need to get smarter than just cutting out food groups. You get clothes smart with weather. Do you get ‘food smart’ too? Wondering why diets are not working? Hello! When was the last time you met you?Let’s face it. At one point or the other in our lives the topic of food and what it does to our body has surfaced. It may have been your mother valiantly admonishing you to select your greens over the in-your-face junk, that energetic friend with a fab body dishing dietary advice, your exasperated spouse obliquely referring to your stubborn, unrestrained eating habits, your trainer insisting on you maintaining a food diary or your...


Management principle for life

Ancient shloka offers a roadmap to finding focus Being engaged meaningfully in the process is as important as the final product or goal Fragment, polish each piece and reassemble them to make something, perhaps bigger and/or better "Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti, Yatho Drishti thatho Manah Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava, Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa""Where the hands(hasta) are, go the eyes (drishti); where the eyes are, goes the mind (manah); where the mind goes, there is an expression of inner feeling (bhaava) and where there is bhaava, mood or sentiment (rasa) is evoked." This verse from the Natya Shastra, the ancient Sanskrit treatise on performing arts by Bharata Muni, is as relevant to modern life as it has been to classical dance. Our ancient scriptures offer modern guide maps...


Corporate Health Programs – Be Rewarded and Be Healthy

I continue with the thread of my previous two blogs about Building a Culture of Health, with focus on Corporate Health/Wellness Programs. Often Employee fitness and health programs are unable to achieve the desired engagement and outcome due to a disconnect between the program construct and employee expectations/needs. It doesn’t need to be so. Professional intervention, a supportive management and active employee feedback in tweaking the program construct can help turn around its effectiveness and ensure employees leave with rewarding takeaways for life. I share a real-life example to elucidate the above. I was called to conduct a workshop at a regional office of a company in another city. I was briefed about the concept of the workshop. Participants of the workshop were members of the winning sales...


Building a Culture of Health – Where to begin

In my previous blog Building a Culture of Health, I wrote about how a healthy workplace helps build a productive and happier environment within an organization. And how success in achieving this objective depends largely on its Leadership – to inculcate and provide a supportive environment for a ‘Culture of Health’.I now take that forward to suggest an outline on how to go about it without feeling overwhelmed and where to begin.‘Talk the Talk’ to ‘Walk the Talk’Many organizations espouse concern for the health of their employees. And they should. After all it makes business sense to have higher productivity, low absenteeism, greater camaraderie and a general feel-good space to work in. But a successful transition from ‘talk the talk’ to ‘walk the talk’ requires...


Building a Culture of Health

A Healthy workplace is a more productive workplace.It is a well-documented and accepted fact that maintaining a workplace where employees are healthy, in addition to improving their quality of life at the individual level, positively contributes to their productivity thereby adding to the company’s bottom-line.Even though this fact is commonly accepted and acknowledged by organizations, most face a challenge in designing and implementing effective policies and programs that can help them achieve the desired objective. The major stumbling block, in an overwhelming number of cases, is at the initial stage of designing an effective health program.It all starts at the beginning.Setting a house in order is no small task. But if implemented correctly, the results are equally rewarding. The process can be made meaningful by...