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12, Palmwood, Malibu Towne,
Sohna Road, Gurgaon,
Haryana – 122018

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Monday to Friday
07:00 a.m. till 07:00 p.m.


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Corporate Wellness For Pandemic Preparedness

2020 is undeniably a year of turmoil of unprecedented global scale. A vicious pandemic continues to disrupt and erode flow of life at a personal and collective level. It has caused massive disruptions in the...

Challenges for Youth – How adults can help

10 big reasons parents and coaches should read this NOW. Guiding and coaching youth for their physical, mental and emotional needs requires an approach different from treating them as miniature adults. Here's what you need to...

Seeking Balance in the mayhem

The importance of balance in life cannot be underrated, yet it is a fast depleting aspect. A primary cause of stress in our lives is lack of balance - in our Physical, Mental, Emotional and...

When convenience and fashion cause pain

When convenience and fashion cause pain, there are ways of addressing it. This is the age of smart devices and high fashion. We walk around cradling the digital version of the world in our palms,...

Some easy to perform stretches post workout

After a workout  a stretch feels good to release tension from taut muscles. Here are some easy to perform stretches. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or more, to relax muscles and increase mobility   Neck To...

Stress Me Not

Stress is a silent killer. No one is immune. There is a strong need to recognize and manage stress.  How often has your doctor asked about your stress levels? Irrespective of the illness or the...

Exercise during cancer treatment

Its been an interesting observation so far. For the vast majority (read overriding majority), the question whether one can exercise during cancer treatment doesn’t quite pop up as a question, till it is presented...

Do most Corporate Wellness Programs actually work?

Corporate wellness programs are fast becoming part of an organization's stated practice to keep employees at their optimum performance levels. Designed correctly, they can help in another critical area - to reduce costs incurred...