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Body in Motion

You are all you need

‘Body in Motion’ are proprietary programs developed by Movement, Rehab and Functional Fitness Specialist Vani B Pahwa. Developed as unique modules for groups and individuals (including those with debilitating health conditions), they focus on building Functional Fitness and Strength. Vani strongly believes in “Training for Life, not Events” so that one trains for performance and function that make daily activities easier – be it carrying groceries, performing your work routine, playing with your children, competitive demands of professional sport, or overcoming limitations imposed by challenging health conditions.

Corporate Programs

Given that a corporate is a sum total of individuals, Functional Fitness programs, if designed and implemented with all honesty, can create a healthy (and productive) workplace. These modules are developed to make employees proactive participants, ensure a good base, timely scalability and continuous redrawing as needed.

Specialized Trainings

Your body is the ultimate source of power and performance. All functionality depends on how well the body responds to demands placed on it. Different set of demands means one fitness module cannot work for everyone. ‘Body in Motion’ recognizes this and provides specialized modules for specific functional needs.

Train the Trainers

Trainers carry the responsibility of their client’s health and well-being and as such, should be suitably skilled themselves. Body in Motion conducts certification workshops for trainers across India. These workshops are directed towards augmenting trainers’ skills so that they can provide better care and results for their clients.


Vani B. Pahwa

Founder; Movement, Rehab & Functional Fitness Specialist

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Vani B. Pahwa is a wellness entrepreneur and coach who dons multiple hats.

With close to 2 decades of experience in Wellness & Functional Fitness, Vani strongly believes that one should “train for life, not for events.” As a Corporate Wellness Coach, Functional Fitness Expert, and Cancer Exercise & Rehab Specialist, she has had the privilege of working with a diverse premium clientele of individuals (of all ages), groups, and corporate entities.

With the numerous certifications from leading internationally-accredited and globally-recognized fitness institutions, Vani has helped and motivated 1000+ clients in various aspects of health and fitness, wellness, sports coaching and holistic lifestyle techniques, and also in programming them to be more active by focusing on “Movement as Medicine” for the rehabilitation of those with special health conditions.

Being a seasoned and recognized Indian Classical Dancer, she has acquired an inherent knowledge of the importance of holistic wellness and functional fitness from a very young age. This multidisciplinary aspect, along with her numerous certifications, provided Vani the perfect support to start her programs, “Body in Motion”.